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A Full Bowl Global Cooperative  ????

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we need international members now !  ?????  current international members : Gus and Margo (Brazil) Christine (Philippines) Eze (Nigeria),  Jun, (Japan), Mohammed Raei (Jordan),  Alison Farmer (Scotand), Paula Waters (USA), Barb Kelson (USA), Steve Yabroff (USA), Rajaa Gharbi (Tunisia), Jessica Carter,

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Provide a 50-word summary of your initiative.

Through cooperative sharing of stories and resources, made possible through thousands of useful, artistic bowls, global food security grows in the most disparate and desperate of situations around the globe by creating an environment for emergent community where individual creative responses and global communications foster healthy growth.    47words

Describe the critical need(s) or specific systemic problem(s) your initiative seeks to address on the local and/or global levels. 200 words   200 word(s) left

In response to the global food crisis :     This project stems from our understanding that the current food system is inadequate; it does not fully respond to the needs of every human being.  We believe that the knowledge already exists to solve the global food crisis.  Inspired individuals from all over the world, already experienced with living in very diverse environments, are the designers most capable of
independently solving these world food issues.   We see our job as facilitating the emergence of that knowledge and supporting those who are dedicated to the pursuit of its realization.  We believe that grand solutions to the global food crisis will emerge from humble beginnings.  108  words

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality."  John Lennon?

WHAT :  heartfelt stories generated by iterative generations of a generative subjective objects : parabowl / Full Bowl / iBowl / Fuller Bowl / Bucky Bowl / taza infinita.
WHERE : in local communities between neighbors and connected to resources around the world by global partners and local service providers.
HOW : through person to person, object to person interaction, in person and through global media, personal everyday stories of full and empty bowls link together to discover each other.  90 words

Provide a detailed explanation of your initiative. What is it? Where is it based? How does it work? 200 words
A Full Bowl is a global cooperative startup from Seattle, Washington, with members in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. As a socially conscious profitable organization, income is generated by the sale of our only product, a useable artistic set of bowls. Profits are distributed to members equitably based on need. Profits are used to gift bowls and to support other cooperatives. Money raised from outside this structure is viewed as a gift to be passed along so that a bank of resources is built to support other ventures which would benefit the membership. A parabowl is a useful tool with two messages. the outside asks for stories about fullness. The inside about emptiness. The stories connect people who have needs with those who have resources. prototype parabowls are used as models to be replicated by the thousands. these inexpensive, durable useful bowls can be sold as artistic tools to raise money for the cooperative. Local service partners around the globe locate artists to create parabowls and resource partners who help fill them with food or useful information and tools to grow food. Like minded global partners like Wikimedia, Craigs List, Google Earth, Credo and the Berkana Institute will provide communications and social connection knowledge and technology.

200 word(s) left
Who or what is impacted directly and indirectly by your initiative? Explain in detail how you measure and calculate impact. 200 words
One durable artistic bowl in a community could reach 200 people or more during its useful life . So millions of bowls could reach hundreds of millions of people. Each bowl has a number and every holder of a bowl, is a member of the cooperative. Actions, connections and the movement of bowls are countable through internet interactions and transactions. This process is generative, building an environment for emergence of creative local solutions around fullness and emptiness and food. As the numbers are objectively connected to the bowls and not personally designated to an owner, there is a degree of privacy which should enhance the dissemination of stories and transactions. There will be plenty of opportunities to collect numbers. More importantly, stories, subjective as they are, wield more power than any collection of numbers which could be attributed to them. These will be the heart of the proof of this project. There is no doubt. These stories will change the world.

200 word(s) left
What long-term systemic effects do you anticipate when your initiative is fully implemented?
These parabowls are self-facilitating subjective objects meant to circulate the message of global community, abundant resources and human creativity. Self-organized cooperative efforts generate cohesive interlinked communities with shared values and positive outcomes. New relationships will generate new business models and empower community driven initiatives. This initiative must be a continuous struggle of action. From human history we know that there will always be members who suffer from inequities not only from changes in the natural environment, but also from human interventions and potential actions from within the cooperative itself. The cooperative strives to only generate enthusiasm and avoid unintended consequences expecting that the effects will radiate far beyond positive relationships with food to improve personal relationships with others and the earth.

What inspired your solution and how has the initiative evolved from inception to its current stage of development? How does your initiative creatively and comprehensively integrate the key social, cultural, economic, ecological, and technological factors required to transform “business as usual” in your chosen area of impact? 200 words
There are three guiding principles to the work that we are doing.  We believe in the power of human innovation, we believe that only through a diverse lens can true innovation arise and we believe that a hand full of people can change the world.  We are a passionate and purpose driven team with a genuine want to change the current food system to meet the needs of all people worldwide. We understand the problem is the solution and we are designing ideas that meet people where they are, utilize each person’s innate abilities, and channel traditional knowledge into contemporary application. We are meeting theory and practice in an applicable way that can translate into communities all over the globe, helping people in diverse geographical locations.  That is why we should be chosen to participate in the 2013 Fuller Challenge.

Outline your implementation plan. What operational milestones do you intend to achieve in the next one to three years? What are the biggest risk factors or potential barriers facing the development and deployment of your initiative and how do you plan to mitigate them? How has your initiative been funded to date and how do you plan to ensure its financial viability? 200 words
Holding systemic thinking, diversity, collaboration, reflective practice, social justice, and sustainability as our guiding principles and core values we will use innovative methods to address complex problems.   We recognize that it is not only how we approach problems but how we ask the questions that lead to sustainable solutions.  There are times when the impossible seems possible, when all efforts point in a direction that needs to be followed. This is one of those times. Understanding the fundamentals of complex systems we want to avoid quick fix solutions that create unintended consequences. Our design connects individuals with the information and resources that they need now to support change in their neighborhoods, villages, cities and states and in so doing address global hunger. We understand that the answers and leaders are already on the ground, working to create a better world for themselves and their neighbors. Sometimes a simple infusion of support can make all the difference.

Compare and contrast your initiative with at least two other current projects or groups working to address the same critical need. Why is your proposal more likely to effect change and make a distinguishing impact compared to similar efforts? 200 words
The Gates Foundation and La Via Campansina are addressing the global food crisis in two extremely different ways. GF is depending on a powerful highly funded top down tech and science green revolution. Unfortunately, this thinking is what we believe caused the existing global food crisis and the systemic unintended consequences which accompany the planned improvements will probably diminish rather than improve conditions. We hope this will not happen again. LVC draws its power from the grassroots of peasant farmers and food sovereignty. When this cooperative group improves the lives of these farmers members, will their members stray away to become competitive and assume the values which oppress them now ? We also hope this will not happen again. We believe the personal human stories generated by A Full Bowl will temper the actions and communications between both of these diverse groups. Between the extremes is where learning lives. Knowledge and discovery are at the heart of our hope for the planet.

Provide details regarding your current team and any plans to expand it in the future. You may include details about organizational/institutional partners committed to the success of your initiative and describe your team members’ experience and qualifications as they relate to their ability to implement your initiative. If applicable, include information about any significant external validation, support, or funding your initiative has received to date. 200 words
In our current work members of this startup cooperative team are farming using new environment sensitive processes, facilitating the formation of women's business groups in Nigeria, using technology as a social platform for the co-creation of knowledge, creating generative business models focused on social benefit, and empowering people to solve their own problems through art and culture.  This diversity of interests and experience adds breadth and depth to this social enterprise. During the design of the Social Enterprise we want to be mindful of the tension between indigenous knowledge and modern technology while remaining comfortable with ambiguity. Every new member with a different point of view is a valuable asset to the creative pool of the group. We are prepared to answer this call with a great deal of enthusiasm. The group mind is more powerful than the individual. We have a tremendous faith in the human spirit and believe that good will come from our efforts. We have found that small groups of about six are most effective. Replication of this format around tasks and processes will empower members to cooperate and facilitate powerful changes.

Please distinguish between part time and full time.  
As a cooperative, each member works and is rewarded equitably. Our members include those with minimal access to resources. Our intention is to always have resources flow toward them. Never away from them as unintended consequences of the work of A Full Bowl. This means members who are already well resourced do not see resources coming in their direction from those with less.  
A Full Bowl currently has no employees.  Every member is a volunteer and they are well rewarded within this community of relationships. And we are a for profit business and have confidence that an unintended consequence of our heartfelt efforts will be real, financial, economic rewards equitably shared by every member of our cooperative. The values we hold will attract so much support, we will be put to work of distribution trying to reach the equity we desire with all members.

VOLUNTEERS * Every member is a volunteer.    six - 10 ?  (is anyone who contributes thoughts to this project a volunteer ?)

How many people volunteer their time on your initiative?  
original team hours : working on Hult Application  
wendy, todd and ron : hours to SFranscisco     hours
wendy hours : letter to global partners     hours
present team hours : working on Fuller Application    hours

What is your annual operating budget?   ??? Our budget is based on two sources. The sale of bowls and donations from outside sources.

Include materials (listed by title, date, and source) as PDFs or URLs that directly support your application and/or independently corroborate your claims. For example:

any research, press, publications, or business. You may provide up to three links or documents. Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: txt pdf doc docx xls xlsx.

letter to Global Partners (finished)
letter to Local Service Partners (revise above)
letter to Local Artists and Designers (revise above)
letter to Global Artists and Designers (revise above)

Provide up to three images to illustrate your application – images of your team, your work in the field, your product or service “in action”, illustrations/drawings/sketches/maps, etc.
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VIDEO URL (vimeo) have Laurel re-record audio tract :

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We aim to create a rigorous application process for entry to the Fuller Challenge in which applicants grapple deeply with our unique set of criteria. We ask you to measure your impact and we would like to measure ours. Please share any comments on the application process itself.

6. PROCESSING FEE *    ron will pay this on paypal...
Your application is not complete until your payment has cleared. There is a $100 processing fee for entry. Enrolled students and registered 501c3 non-profit or international NGO organizations with an annual operating budget under $100,000 may pay a discounted processing fee of $50. Any abuse of the discounted rate will result in disqualification.
$100 processing fee
$50 scholarship fee
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 A Full Bowl video text  (2minutes)

an empty bowl is like an empty belly…and the globe...like a full bowl…
hungry and full neighbors like to share their bowls…and the bowl of the globe...
neighbors also like to share tales and pictures around the globe…
some of these neighbors share tales and get together to help each other
build, sell, gift, fill and deliver bowls full of healthy local food
and share ways to grow, find and deliver more…
they share a bowl with a simple tale…about being full and being empty…
...the parabowl…  
a pretty cool and long lasting tool…good for every kitchen and every garden…
to gather food…share new and old ideas about food…
the outside of a full parabowl… asks for tales…about fullness…
when a full parabowl empties…words on the inside ask for tales…about emptiness…
on the bottom…words and numbers...connect neighbors to a global neighborhood...

neighbors with parabowls become members of a global cooperative…
share the profits from making, filling and selling  parabowls…
the cooperative has powerful global partners who help them connect …
the parabowl is made close to the buyer...
neighborhood service partners already know artistic bowl makers and neighbors who need work…
neighborhood resource partners help deliver goods and services…
and this helps neighbors start new businesses…
the very useful, fairly priced metal bowl is an inexpensive tool…
as a work of art or to support their neighbors...
many can afford and want to pay more...
a full parabowl might include local food, seeds or plants to grow.
and always a story about the parabowl.
neighbors sell parabowls…so they may gift parabowls…
work together…to share and protect the globe…so they will all have full bowls…

if the tale of each parabowl reaches 200 people…
millions of parabowls carefully placed…
could reach millions of creative, smart, friendly neighbors…
around the globe now living with tales of empty bowls…
one little tale like this one…seems tiny...A million little tales is really big…
a little crop of shared tales about empty parabowls…will grow…
a much bigger crop of shared tales about full parabowls…
a tale big enough to help neighbors…fill the globe with full bowls…

help design this project : rpb@windowsart.com